Australia seen from the Great Barrier Reef

Jetpack 3.2: Speed Improvements and a Centralized Posting Experience

Originally posted on Jetpack for WordPress:

Last week we released Jetpack 3.2, bringing  you speed improvements and a centralized posting experience.

Speed Improvements


We’ve improved the caching mechanism for Related Posts. Previously, you’d have to wait up to 12 hours for the cache to flush and related posts to appear on newly-published posts. Now, it happens in just a few minutes!


We’ve also worked on speed improvements at the heart of Jetpack, including consolidating and streamlining CSS and reducing the number of resource requests Jetpack makes. Coupled with Photon, this makes your site load faster – just one of many planned performance enhancements in store for Jetpack.

A Centralized Posting Experience


With Jetpack connected, you can now publish posts to your self-hosted WordPress site with the same editor available on giving you one centralized place from where to publish content, irrespective of where your WordPress site is hosted. Additionally, the new editor works great on mobile and tablets (and…

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Flying over Iceland – Herðubreið, Askja & Holuhraun eruption

Shot this video flying over Iceland, it shows Herðubreið, Askja and the eruption in Holuhraun 2014

Bárðarbunga 2014 – Short Video

Flew over the eruption in Holuhraun / Bárðarbunga 2014